Nearly winning a 2012 honorable mention from San Diego's Voice and Viewpoint as one of Southern California's most punctual musical acts, The Radio Thieves are a high energy 80’s new wave band from Rancho San Diego, California.  

We don't just sweat to the oldies . . . we sweat through the oldies.  Recognize them or not, you're sure to enjoy many of your favorite 80's classics with a fresh twist.  Call it naivete, but a "can-do" attitude never sounded this good.

We perform at some of our favorite bars, nightclubs, corporate events, ice cream parlors, festivals and other traditional venues in and around Southern California, but we've had tremendous success in foyers, living rooms, dining rooms and lanais all over San Diego. 

We are also available for parties, weddings, private gigs and anything resembles a gathering for persons ages 2 to 92 (earplugs typically included).  

Although we aren’t your average wedding band, if your looking for something different and truly entertaining then we are your band.  

 So take a look around, see what we’re all about, drop us a line and feel free to visit our Facebook and Instagram.

  With Warmest Regards,

The Radio Thieves